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"Problems related to poor quality will be remembered longer than the joy of a low price."

(Scandinavian proverb)

Professional translation and interpreting are highly specialised services. Our prices for an order depend on the type and scope, the degree of difficulty, and the expected effort involved. Therefore, we cannot quote flat rates in response to telephone inquiries. For an initial estimate free of charge, please send us details of your requirements and, in the case of translations, the relevant document. You will receive an offer promptly.

Price calculation for technical translations and interpreting services

Our services as interpreters are usually priced on an hourly or daily basis. Remuneration for translations is generally calculated on the basis of lines or keystrokes, while the cost of proofreading is usually based on the number of pages. The “standard line” comprises 55 characters with spaces, and one standard page equals 30 standard lines, i.e. a total of 1650 characters.

We always strive to achieve high-quality results at the lowest possible prices. However, there are various factors which must be taken into account. Simply contact us directly by e-mail or telephone. We will talk to you about your special needs, and together with you we can certainly arrive at a suitable figure.